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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


Why do I feel language important?

Because Ethnolinguistics is how we perceive the world and is also perceived by it… therefore Language is intrinsic to the expression of culture. As a means of communicating values, beliefs and customs, it has an important social function and fosters a feeling of group identity and solidarity. It is the means by which culture and its traditions of shared values may be conveyed and preserved. therefore, speaking one’s natural language is an “identity” that links us to personal self-awareness because each sets their identity based on language. as it affects our thought process… Beginning with Acceptance of our culture (a linguistic identity) that will profoundly influence our lives.

Did the loss our Natural Language have a Mental Aphasia a neuropsychological cognitive disfunction upon our Spiritual cognition to Navigate through the semantics of a lost syntax, hence leaving us in a distraught function though the enslaved theory of mental despair. I would also like to make the argument that this was done by three types of theology.’ Although there have been many various subtle nuances, generically these are only the three kinds of theology that have historically affected us.

Augustinianism: A belief that holds as salvation rests on God’s grace alone. (Judaism)

Semi-Pelagianism: Teaches that salvation rests on human cooperation with God’s grace. (Islam)

Pelagianism: Which believes that salvation can be achieved without God’s grace. (Christianity)

In basic terms, virtually every church/Religion in history has fallen into one of those three categories.

Whereas Hebrews had an Oral Tradition of Law and Logic, for when Mashah went up to the Mt and spoke to Yahawah is wasn’t to bring us a Religion but LAWS that would guide us in a LOGICAL and pragmatic way of thinking.

Before you disclaim this, ask yourself again Why? Was our Language stripped away in such a profoundly violent manner, one would say it was to keep us from rebelling but rebelling against What? Slavery? So was the Enslavement Justly and correct?

Yet in today’s society one that “again” is supposed to be Free for All, I see are voices being suppressed by a Systemic Concession.  How do we correct this without saying we want back Our Beliefs, Our Lives, but most of all Our Voice! For how can they destroy you if they cannot control you. Through the type of control that begins with your very own thought.

So! Is it your Own???

By Sh’tarr Yahrael


Becoming Hebrew Again!

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Hebrews! Your TRUE Name is the Power you need!

By Sh’tarr Yahrael


The word “Hebrew” when researched means “Black People”

The name(s) Colored, Negro, Blacks, African American, etc.… are of shame and despair and roll right off the tongue until they believe that it belongs to them, So whether you resign it to “Stockholm Syndrome” or some other form of “Willie Lynch Depression” it still results in the deception perpetrated upon the “Hebrew“, but this depression makes us call ourselves by false names pinning negative labels upon our person and tries to convince us that we’re bad people deserving of our pain. This is one of the most destructive, painful mechanisms of depression.

Fortunately, it is within our power to notice this process, and stop ourselves from doing it, by taking back and fighting back… Whenever  those hateful words pop into our heads, we want to take notice of it happening, and not just challenge but reject the bogus label, and replace it with the true and rational designation of our people “HEBREW” we are Hebrew say it over and over, say it Loud until it becomes clear to absolve us from the “Split Identity” that was used to impoverish and exile us from our heritage, for we must now bankrupt the senseless policy working against our people in a consistent suppressing of our “true Selves” forcing us from noble ideals and moral concepts to ones of worldly greed and idolism as we are shrinking each time within a divided heart until our souls waste away from this systemic war.

Proverbs 18:21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.

In Genesis 1:26, we see that Yahawah made man in His image. Failure to understand what Yahawah has made will result in failure. For Yahawah created us to look like Him and function like Him in line with Genesis 1:1-2, where Yahawah formed the earth, using “Words”!

In Psalms 33:6-9, we see that by the words of Yahawah, the heavens were made. In the same manner, as a child of Yahawah, you have the ability to call things into being. You can decide what must happen by first calling yourself by your “TRUE NAME”.

We have given into “Hate speech” this speech which has attacked us on the basis of our race through cognitive distortions of personal labeling and is speech that more or less offends, threatens, and insults our race of people into a degraded  mindset that is detestable for it incites violence and intolerance amongst ourselves in a free society that is “supposed to be” for all.

Therefore, freedom rules out the imposing of this negative depressive thinking on the freedom of our people, that which we have suffered when our “Name and Language” was taken away from us through “Violence”, thus having a long-term psychological effect that was imposed physically and verbally. As the neurological effects of a language activates the thought process. Therefore, language can thus change brains patterns, both for the better through (Acceptance) of our true Name or “worse” by creating a toxic stress, through fear, and distrust especially for our own self-esteem and becomes painful whenever we use a name that’s inaccurate and emotionally incumbent.

I once heard it said (When a creature sees another quite unlike itself, it thinks “it has seen a Monster!”.) This seems to resonate with me whenever the topic of racism becomes present. 

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The world in which we live today is a product of word manipulation, by way of artificial scarcity, improvised living, perpetual drug wars, and propaganda fear, all of which are the rooted cause of our cognitive dissonance/conditioned ignorance.

We have more than enough resources for this has been well established through this age of information, so there is no reason each of us cannot find words of solace and peace of mind, freedom, security, and happiness, and be able to pursue higher ambitions and goals. But instead, for the past millennia, the Hebrew people have lived in a different form of slavery from any other, while other classes have lived off them like parasites.

But instead, we’ve learned to blame each other for our pain and suffering, when we should be working together to overcome this unjust system. And make no mistake about it, the only way out of this clever system of Systemic Racism they have devised is if we work together by first Taking back “Our True Name”.

If only we can begin by agreeing on this one thing “We Are Hebrew”!



Sh’tarr Yahrael

In truth to attempt the understanding of one’s own consciousness without first understanding one’s moral limits, is an attempt at seeing the truth without knowing falsehood. It is an attempt into seeing the light without knowing the darkness. Such a thing cannot be.

For the truth is all around our lives in each institution of every city, county, state and country… each with its own doctrines and theories, in a host of parasitic devices that swarm an alterate, intending to ensure an argument for the teaching of other ways where square images now become circles but, in the end,, ask yourself “Which Truth” inspires a Man to Action.

For it is only those who have lived these truths that can lend a heart filled with consciousness and I ask what can be a danger to this truth? Well, it’s a corrupt visionary, a person willing to put fort lies in the face of knowledge “presented” with a smile… Explaining in a profound defiance to apply its leverage upon us, on what we think and what we do and in our mistake we assume we are immune to such so-called influences of truths, but I tell you as it moves it exerts a force more than ever before in our history, working from our blind-side to sidestep awareness and bring suffered wounds in the aftermath of battle through the pious attempt of addressing a mentality of war.

One would ask why? do I write these words the way in which I do, well I have felt the stings and pains of doubt, the smothering of biological, mental and spiritual invasion a blackening of one’s sight in a drowning of words that come in a swift gush while working itself in like a slow poison, for I have seen it all in memories I wish not to recount, as I once believed in all humanity and I now see cupid’s tears are forever stained.

But my compassion still lends itself upon the pen as I am not a coward and understand as I act in full knowledge that great forces accumulate with one wish “my silence” along with a road clouded by a binary dust through the historical distortion for eons of a people. And as you read this truth you will find much pain within the few glimpses required to continue along the path, for we have not yet perished as we are a most ardent people forever watching, waiting as the metamorphosis of this world continues. I think it would horrify most as to what we can detect when the truth begins to sway and flows like the breeze that blows and is no longer hidden from our senses.

And I begin to Sojourn as “A Child of Light”.

Genesis: 15:13

Then Yahawah said to Abram, “Know for certain that for 400 years your descendants will be strangers in a country that is not their own and that they will be enslaved, mistreated and oppressed there.

In 1866, a Yazoo Delta planter said,

“I think God intended the negro to be slaves. Now since man has deranged God’s plan,

I think the best we can do is keep ’em near to a state of bondage as possible.”

One hundred and fifty-two years later, the fear of his words rifles through America’s racial pandemic, …
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